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August 22, 2019
Securing Research Data

Securing Research Data - Santa Clara, CA

Researchers, computer scientists and data scientists from a range of disciplines are working with increasingly large, multi-dimensional datasets in the context of complex networks and computing infrastructure. Data generated by these advanced applications are often subject to an evolving landscape of protection requirements, due to the involvement of human subjects or critical physical infrastructure. At the same time, collaborative research projects and teams drive demand for large-scale distributed platforms that can move data and compute securely over high-speed networks and cyberinfrastructure. How do we secure the data, the network, and the computer to meet this challenge? This one-day workshop will convene researchers from a variety of disciplines who are leading these trends through their work in biology and medicine, public health and the social sciences, and other fields. In addition, IT service providers and security architects will describe new services and platforms being developed to provide secure research data management and computation capabilities at scale, while managing challenges of authentication, access control, and privacy protection. We will also present advanced theory on the tradeoffs between engineering systems for complexity and robustness, and how this tradeoff in itself can create fragility.

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September 17-18, 2019
GRP Workshop 2019

The Global Research Platform Workshop - La Jolla, CA

Registration is now open for the Global Research Platform (GRP) Workshop, to be held 17-18 September 2019 at University of California San Diego. The website provides detailed information on the program, the venue and hotels in the vicinity. Registration is US $200 through August 15, 2019, and is US $300 starting August 16. The GRP Workshop has a number of informed keynote talks and panel sessions to stimulate discussions among attendees on a variety of topics, including application drivers, cyberinfrastructure, distributed data fabrics, data movement services, programmable networking, next-generation optical networking developments, and introductions to some of the evolving research platform initiatives taking place worldwide. The goal of this Workshop is to bring together network researchers, engineers and managers as well as application scientists to share best practices and advance the state of the art.

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September 24-25, 2019
3NRP Workshop 2019

The Third National Research Platform Workshop - Minneapolis, MN

Building on the success of last year’s Second National Research Platform Workshop, the Third NRP Workshop will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 24-25, 2019 at the Renaissance Downtown Minneapolis – The Depot.

The NRP workshop will be co-located with the NSF PI workshop (9/23-9/25) and the Quilt meeting (9/25-9/26) with some shared sessions. A Global Research Platform (GRP) Workshop will be held the week prior to the NRP workshop and it will focus on international Research Platform topics. Information about the Third NRP Workshop, hotel/travel information and the co-located events can be found here.

Past Pacific Research Platform Engagements

2019 March 18-20 La Jolla, CA The Right Connection - CENIC 2019
2019 March 17 Calit2, CA K8s and Grafana
2019 March 16-17 Calit2, La Jolla, CA FIONA Workshop 3
2019 March 12 Singapore Move That Data!
2018 September 11 Santa Clara, CA Advanced AI Workflows
2018 August 6-7 Bozeman, Montana The 2nd NRP Workshop
2018 August 2-5 Bozeman, MO FIONA Workshop 2
2018 July 9-10 Arlington, Virginia DIBBs18 Workshop
2018 April 16-17 Kastrup, Denmark NORDUnet-SURFnet FIONA Workshop
2018 March 3-4 Monteray, CA FIONA Workshop 1
2017 May 31 - June 02 UCSD, La Jolla, CA Big Data and The Earth Sciences
2017 Feb 21 UCSD, La Jolla, CA PRPv2
2017 January 11-12 Arlington, VA DIBBs17 Workshop
2015 October 14-16 UCSD, La Jolla, CA Building the Pacific Research Platform

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