By the end of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Understand selected use cases for using a FIONA/FIONette as a Data Transfer Node or Data Access Node
  • Be able to deploy a FIONette node at their institution
  • Install and configure perfSONAR tools including regular testing (throughput, latency / loss, traceroute)
  • Install and configure GridFTP tools including regular disk-to-disk throughput testing
  • Install and configure MaDDash visualization tool and Measurement Archive for storing test results
  • Troubleshoot selected network issues using the pS toolkit and other tools
  • Understand data movement performance analysis and visualization
  • Understand scaling and tuning options for for optimal data flow, including
  • BIOS / OS / FileSystem
  • TCP/UDP network stack
  • Single-stream vs Multiple-streams
  • Larger flows
  • Longer paths (with high Bandwidth Delay Products)- Properly secure FIONA/FIONette devices

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