La Jolla FIONA Workshop

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Dates: March 16-17, 2019
Sponsors: PRP and CENIC
Venue: Atkinson Hall Room 4004, University of California, San Diego, Gilman Dr, La Jolla, CA 92093-0436
The Atkinson Hall is located at the intersection of Voight Dr and Engineer Ln, see this google map
or google for Atkinson Hall, UCSD or p502 UCSD.
Park at the parking lot P502 on Voight Dr and walk through the building tunnel on the ground floor and up to the lobby.
You will need to be escorted to the 4th floor and there will be people directing the traffic.
For assistance to go to the 4th floor call 858-344-3415

  • This workshop provides working cyberinfrastructure engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, implement, and manage deployments of Data Transfer Nodes (DTNs), including measuring and analyzing performance.
  • Basic network engineering and UNIX/Linux system administration skills and familiarity with Linux PC server hardware builds are assumed of all participants.
  • FIONettes will be supplied as the hands-on platform for the workshop. FIONettes are low-cost ($275), 1Gbps-connected variants of PRP’s FIONA (Flash I/O Network Appliance) developed from commodity hardware components.
  • Each participant will work with their own FIONette to explore data movement toolsets and visualization, as well as performance tuning and troubleshooting. Upon completion of the workshop, each participant may keep the FIONette to take home to deploy it in support of research and education activities on their campus.
Topics and Objectives

By the end of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  • Understand selected use-cases for deploying a FIONA as a Data Transfer Node or Data Access Node
  • Be able to deploy a FIONA at their institution
  • (Optional) Install OS on FIONA device from scratch, including updates to
  • BIOS and OS setup
  • Install and configure the perfSONAR (pS) toolset for network testing
  • Plan and implement a Measurement Archive and MaDDash
  • Troubleshoot selected network issues using the pS toolkit
  • Analyze data movement performance
  • Understand scaling and tuning options for optimal data flow, including
    - BIOS / OS / FileSystem
    - TCP/UDP network stack
    - Single-stream vs Multiple-streams
    - Larger flows
    - Longer paths (with high Bandwidth Delay Products)
  • Properly secure FIONA devices

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