Namespace:    braingeneers

PI: David Haussler
Institution: UC Santa Cruz & UC San Francisco
Project description:

The Braingeneers are developing the infrastructure to grow cortical organoids at scale and interface with them in order to record and stimulate neurons. This will enable the application of modern AI approaches to uncover how genetic changes enhanced human brain architecture and computing capacity during primate evolution as well as to better understand how neurons function towards back porting this into in-silico machine learning models. Currently we are leveraging the PRP’s Kubernetes cluster to run machine learning algorithms on the recordings derived from these organoids as well as the CEPH S3 storage to host the data internally and make it available externally so that researchers and students around the world will be able to analyze the data using Jupyter notebooks. We are also starting to leverage the PRP directly from the Rasberry Pi’s that control the organoid systems in order to directly upload recordings and imaging for processing and analysis.

Software: Python, TensorFlow, Jupyter

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