Namespace:    mesl

PI: Rajesh Gupta
Institution: University of California, San Diego
Project description:

Project 1: DeepQuery
Mobile offloading framework for CNN tasks. DeepQuery serves many tasks such as object detection and tracking, and optimally schedules heavy loads among many devices Software: Python, Cuda, Conda, Tensorflow, Tensorboard
Project 2: DeepHVAC
Buildings account ~40% of the energy consumption nation-wide, mostly by energy-hogging air conditioning (AC). There is a huge opportunity to optimize AC control algorithms, but it entails significant human effort such as physical modeling of the building, parameter optimization, and simulations. DeepHVAC is a data-driven optimization using reinforcement learning with learnt models. Software: Python, Cuda, OpenAI gym, Conda, Tensorboard, Keras, stable-baseline

Software: Python, Cuda, OpenAI gym, Conda, TensorBoard, Keras, stable-baseline

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